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Top Fashion Trends To Look Out for in Nigeria

Posted on 15th November, 2020
Top Fashion Trends To Look Out for in Nigeria

The Nigerian fashion industry has evolved over decades; fashion influencers and fanatics adjust to trending styles and designs year in year out.

What Is Fashion and Style In Nigeria?

What really is style? What’s Fashion? What is the difference?

Fashion is any new style that is in vogue. It is usually generic. Style is who you are, your character, your ability to combine attires and your ability to wear them with poise and elegance.

Observing numerous textile materials, designed in different styles, we appreciate so much the traditional styles and potential tendencies that became the end result of Nigerian fashion and style.

People say that when you’re wearing what’s in vogue or in season, you’re trendy or you are fashionable. However, people say you’ve got style when you introduce some of your character and creativity to these fashion pieces.

Fashion changes according to the season but style is influenced by how you have been affected by factors such as moral upbringing, religion, association with others, weather, etc. No wonder Yves Saint Laurent said “fashion fades, style is eternal”


Jill Chivers once said, “fashion distracts, style connects.” The reason that fashion symbols are who they are today is because they’ve made their own fashion style, and the funny thing is that not all fashion designers are fashion icons, but anyone can be a fashion icon.



2020 is already underway and we’ve turned our attention to some of the biggest fashion trends.  This year promises to be intoxicating for fashion lovers and the fashion industry as a whole. We were dripping into so many Haute and top fashion trends in 2019 and this year will not be any different.

The momentum is already being set by our top style influencers, fashion bloggers and celebrities. We cannot exclude the stunning designers who showcased their collections in 2019.

While the runway shows what’s going to happen next in design, the streets reveal not only the potential but also what’s going on right now.

Many of the top fashion trends from last year -2019- and possibly those that have lasted longer have been instrumental to the growth and development of the fashion industry. Most of these top fashion trends are here to stay and have carried over into the new year. Some will undergo some sort of evolution while staying true to their roots and others will simply evolve into something that was once in vogue or something new entirely.

We set our eyes on some of the hottest trends in 2020 which will make the fashion industry an exciting one.

So if you’re looking to keep your closet up-to-date, you’ll be able to follow the patterns listed below.

1. Tulle.

You really don’t have to be a ballet dancer before buying a tutu or a tulle outfit. The tulle style was a big hit in 2015 and 2018 and it seems as though the trend is coming back in 2020 (these are qualities of top fashion trends).

The good thing about tulle is you don’t have to try too hard to get away with a sophisticated look. Furthermore, there are a variety of fabrics that can be used to sew a tulle gown or just a tulle skirt.

2. Bead bags.

Once upon a time. bead bags were once in vogue and people were spending a ton of money learning how to make them? This seems like a Deja Vu because we are already seeing traces of bead bags here and there. It seems like it would soon spread like wildfire. We project that one in every five ladies would have owned at least one bead bag by the end of this year making it one of the top fashion trends in Nigeria.

3. Monochrome.

Wearing just a color from head to toe is no longer seen as boring and unexciting these days. Popular fashion bloggers and influencers have flirted with the idea times without number. This year may just see the frequency shoot up. It may become a major big deal by the middle of the year. So waste no time in matching your outfits outrightly. The trick is to blend similar shades and hues of colors and watch yourself drip with so much allure and confidence!

4. Pajamas as outerwear

These days it would seem like PJs are not only for when you want to go to bed. Popular celebrities wear them out; so why not your regular person? PJs have become one of the top fashion trends in Nigeria. We are talking about not just any old boring pajamas. People are putting on silky and striped fabrics with glamorous items such as boots, heels, lacy bralettes, and delicate accessories. This is one theme we’re definitely going to want to keep on circulating. It’s usually very comfortable and casual. It gives off an aura of luxury if you can successfully pull off this look.

6. Bucket hats.

Bucket hats may very well become quite mainstream again. It goes back as far as being an iconic ‘ 90s accessory ‘. You should really consider adding it to your shopping list if you do not own one yet. These casual and cool hats are ideal for a weekend get together in an open environment like picnics or beaches It shields your eyes from the sun while making sure you drip of style and allure. The brimmed hats add an on-trend edge to any outfit, whether plain, patterned or with a logo.

7. Embroidered suits.

Stylists and fashion designers are becoming more creative and imaginative in designing suits that stand out. The embroidery adds class and some extra drip to suits. These trends have been embraced by popular celebrities and fashion influencers. The embroidered suits have a special place in our hearts and we see it becoming a top fashion trend in Nigeria this year.

8. Statement sleeves.

Many have shown off apparel with sleeves that made fashion statements on red carpets, fashion shows, and other events. This confirms that conservative fashion may just no longer be in vogue if you want to stand out amongst many others.  The sleeves at the same time stunning and trendy, adds a friendly’ 80s touch to the new styles. If you are after a powerful and trendy daytime theme, try out this look yourself. Alhough it may have been an old fashion statement, we have spotted more and more fashion influencers donning them on. We expect it to be a top fashion trend in Nigeria.

9. Clust rig.

This fashion trend started only just quite recently. since then. celebrities, stylists, and fashion influencers across the world have rapidly adopted it.

The fashion trend has been showcased by professional models in fashion week, celebrities on red carpets and many other events like that. If though it was more popular in the Western world, it has found a way to flow into our fashion trends mostly because of the influence of our own celebrities also spotted wearing it. It is sure to become of the top fashion trends in Nigeria.

 10 .Micro / mini-bags.

In 2019 many saw their bank accounts shrink especially the heavy shoppers. As smartphones become more featured-packed and bigger in size, sneakers become more tempting and increasingly larger in size and earrings get broader, handbags get smaller. Talk about irony Micro mini bags have reached new mini size-levels. When it was first seen it seemed ridiculous and unpractical but people welcomed as it was seen on their favorite celebrities.

11. Bikers shorts.

The bike shorts are one of the fashion trends we’ve seen already this year on a number of style-savvy showgoers. The style was both stunning and trendy, providing a new mix of sportswear and styling.

12. Turtleneck.

Originally worn by the working class in the 19th century, the turtleneck for its practicality and comfort has been a staple of wardrobes ever since then. It made a big return in 2019 and it does not seem like it would be going out of vogue any time soon. Turtleneck is that style that looks good on everyone, from suits to your own jean skirt or gown. If you’re dreaming of creating a casual chic look then you should probably try your favorite jeans on a turtleneck.

12. Prints.

There are prints fanatics out there and there is a number of them. Many have blended the trend with their own unique styles. Some of these styles range from animal and floral themed designs incorporated into the prints. Prints are one of the top fashion trends in Nigeria. It’s making a lot of raves in the fashion industry. Conspicuous leopard printing especially is a personal favorite among fashionists. It has also been appearing on a wide range of garments including pants, coats, dresses, suits and many more.

From the beach to other red carpet events, floral prints could be spotted just about everywhere too. It’s no news that Ankara will not be going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it should be one of the few fashion trends that may transcend time.

Polka dots are also quite famous and were spotted on catwalks, fashion shows, and even casual wear. If you are feeling quite bold and adventurous, you can add a beautiful print bag or a nice pair of print heels/shoes.

Ankara Print Styles

We will be elaborating further on Ankara fashion trends as this print has completely taken over the Nigerian Fashion Industry.

Many African countries have clothing designs in Ankara and designing these clothes into various trendy outfits is already a tradition for men and women

Interestingly, these Ankara fashion trends transform every occasion into colorful and beautiful ones.

A few years ago, western fashion was all we were content with; sewing our natives with constrained styles. But now, our fashion is out of this world!

It’s no longer the same, kudos to our designers like Mia Atafo, Toju Foyeh, Lanre Dasilva Ajayi and Ceoluminee, among others.

Such designers have described the fashion and style of using our Ankara prints and other materials to produce mind-blowing designs and various Ankara fashion trends.

Western fashion has successfully been linked to our native fashion and our inner style, which has, in turn, improved the Nigerian fashion industry.

Interestingly many of our rich celebrities in Nigeria are rocking our native fashion with their own style.

The Evolution of Ankara

Before we speak about the latest fashions and trends in Nigeria, let’s take it from the beginning.

Ankara fabrics are generally a talking point when asked about Nigerian women’s fashion. Ankara was not established in Africa, even though it seems like it was. The reverse is the case actually. We simply acculturated it and made it ours by it successfully integrating with our lore and cultures.

Most of us grew up seeing Ankara around us, our mothers probably used it to back us when we were younger. Some of us even used them as cover cloths (thanks to our mothers who were sewed Iro and Buba frequently).

Perhaps the familiarization of Ankara and the experience of its presence have made some of us believe or have given some of us the illusion that it originated in Africa.

Top Ankara Fashion Trends

Ankara is dynamic and it is by no means boring. It’s no surprise that it’s part of fashion and style from its use of headwear to shoes and accessories suits, tops, blouses, etc.

The new Ankara designs from different Ankara fashion trends feature bold cuts in vibrant colors and spectacular Ankara patterns, resulting in unique fashion and accessories.

One of the amazing things about the Ankara aspect of fashion and style is that it features any kind of style, from formal to casual to what you have.

Furthermore, when it comes to Nigerian pre-wedding pictures, the slay queens waste no time is literally slaying with their drip. Even the guys themselves wear Ankara in different men’s shoe styles. The versatility of Ankara Fashion trends makes it one of the top fashion trends in Nigeria.

Peplum Tops.

Peplum tops aren’t exempted when we talk about top Ankara fashion trends.

It can be created with Ankara or other materials. Some people have confessed that they wouldn’t wear peplum tops from other materials as easily as they would wear Ankara peplum material tops.  So, of course, we just had to include it on our list of top fashion trends in Nigeria.

Ankara Gowns.

Ah! Oh! Oh! Sorry, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So you may as well join them as you surely cannot beat them.

There’s really no need to think about your figure, Ankara dresses suits everyone, as you can sew them in whatever style you want.

Credits to Nigerian fashion designers on Instagram for showing us all their innovative creations.

Yeah, the bell sleeves are still popular. An Ankara gown can easily be turned to a blouse, another advantage of wearing an Ankara gown.

Front open slit styles lend this sexy look to your gown, and besides, you find it easier to walk (don’t tell anyone we said that).

Don’t be afraid of sporting casual Ankara dresses, they make you look respectfully casual — yes, they do.

You’re going to agree with us that fashion designers on the African continent are doing a wonderful job with their artistic designs, aren’t they? I’m sure they’re going to crack the list of the world’s top women’s clothing brands soon.

Off Shoulders

Off shoulders have refused to go out of vogue in Nigerian fashion style. It is still very much around. Not only are the off-shoulders not removed from fashion and style, but the glamorous sleeves have set up more tents.

Cold Shoulder Sleeves.

The cold shoulder sleeves are gorgeous on gowns or tops.

If you don’t like the off-shoulder thing, maybe because you have a bony neck and you do not feel comfortable showcasing it. Then you may want to consider this cold shoulder. It exposes your shoulder without revealing your neck


Fringes do lend clothes a different look. These looks make the outfit fascinating and sometimes even glamorous.

You can apply it to any aspect of your outfit, just be imaginative with it, and you’ll love it.

Culottes Trousers.

Culottes pants are also trendy and gorgeous in Ankara prints. We couldn’t help it, really, so we included this top and culottes pants in this collection.

There are some clothes that you shouldn’t be ashamed to have in your closet, why?

The reason is that they’re not going anywhere. Jumpsuits have been around since back then and they are still in vogues now. These are great for formal, semi-formal, informal, etc. Try them with creative cuts and we promise you can’t get bored of them quickly.

Traditional Skirts In Nigeria

We fully acknowledge what’s made in Ankara looks gorgeous. The versatility of Ankara means that even decades from now, Ankara will be evergreen and quintessential. In fact, it may be one of the few things that will represent Africa Globally (since we have successfully colonized it as ours) The exquisiteness that Ankara exudes has propelled it very rapidly into fashion and style.

Traditional skirts are clearly described as the skirts of Ankara.  It’s plain and simple. They could be created with various Ankara prints and worn either formally or in whatever way you choose.

Lace Skirts and Blouse Styles.

Lace has this significance attached to it, even though it does not scream African identity like Ankara, it is worn by Nigerians for a very important occasion.

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